Day 6 of 21

#HealThySelf Challenge – Day 6


One thing about healing emotionally is the gnawing question of “why?”.  I know that it is polite and all to simply forgive, but the reality is that we are human and knowledge is power.  Sometimes things have hurt us so that we may need to know the answers to a few things.  Some things God won’t allow you to ever know, but if you ask and seek Him I am positive that He will provide answers to some of your pressing questions.

Step Six: SEARCH for them!

This may actually hurt, but I believe that some of you need answers.  You may need to know why you were betrayed by a friend or why your parents treated you unfairly.  Possibly, even why a thing happened the way that it did.  Believe it or not, knowing the facts beyond your feelings of a certain situation can bring your clarity and invoke a part of healing that you did not know was there.

Look at it this way… when you get a cough and it lasts longer than normal, you may search WebMD or even call your physician to find a possible reason/cause for this cough.  You feel better knowing what may have caused it and have a clearer direction on how to treat it. Am I making sense?

So, on the sixth day’s journey to #HealThySelf, your CHALLENGE is to:

– SEARCH FOR ANSWERS through prayer, actual questioning, counseling, whatever suits your situation.  The truth shall make you free.

#HealThySelf Prayer for the Uninformed

God, some things are harder for me to move on from than others. (Fill in the blank) has hurt me deeply and I don’t fully understand why it happened to me.  I don’t want to carry this anymore.  Show me what I need to know.  Help me to move on by giving me the understanding that I need. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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