Day 8 of 21

#HealThySelf Challenge – Day 8


So, if you have been doing the work over the past week I would like to say to you, “CONGRATULATIONS!”. A lot of the more emotional steps have been completed toward healing yourself.  Today, I would admonish you to take some time to consider the facts of the different traumas that hurt you.  What am I saying?  “You have to know the difference between what’s real and how you feel.” – Uncle George from the movie ATL

Step Eight: ACCEPT it!

Logically, it makes sense to deal with the actual pain when you’re injured before you are ready to fully understand what happened to cause the injury.  No one wants to hear that the person that betrayed you was never really your friend and here’s why when you are still angry, confused and disappointed.  When the majority of your feelings are in check, it is now time to do the “left brain” work.  You MUST take time to examine and analyze the FACTS (not feelings or speculations) of what happened to you.  Doing so gives you more knowledge.  As I have stated before, knowledge is power.  The purpose for knowing the cold-cut facts of your traumas is that it equips you to accept the reality of your situation(s). Thus, keeping you from entering a vicious cycle of continual pain or hurt with the same or similar situation in the future.

So, on the eighth day’s journey to #HealThySelf, your CHALLENGE is to:

– Take considerable time aside to ACCEPT THE FACTS.  This is an oftentimes neglected step in the healing process. Separating how you feel about something to look at the genuine facts about that same thing will free you.  It may hurt again if you finally understand that a friend was always a foe.  BUT, knowing the reality and forsaking a rose-colored glasses sort of fantasy land allows you to KNOW THE TRUTH AND BE MADE FREE.  This challenge will extend beyond 1 day for the deeply hurt.  Trust me, take your time and allow God to SHOW you the facts.  Once He reveals them to you, I pray that you trust God enough to accept what He reveals.  You will be amazed!

#HealThySelf Prayer for the Ignorant

God, honestly, I do not wholeheartedly believe that I understand what and why (fill in the blank) happened to me.  Your Word says that the truth will make me free.  Help me to get beyond my feelings and pain.  Remove my perspective and give me Yours.  Show me plainly what I need to know so that I may move on and be completely healed.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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