Day 14 of 21

#HealThySelf Challenge – Day 14


Sorry for the delay…

This challenge is not easy and no one said that it was going to get easier.  Today, you must confess your wrongs in the matter of you being injured, hurt, traumatized, etc.  To truly be free you must clear your slate of your blemishes, too.

Step Fourteen: CONFESS it!

Confession is good for the soul AND your healing.  This journey may have been painful and you were definitely undeserving of the wounds that you received, but…  BE COMPLETELY HONEST with yourself and ask God to search you for those matters where you were wrong.  Not to play into too many scenarios, but there are times when we were disobedient and the result became as such.  Be clear that I am NOT blaming you for anything that happened to you!  The cold reality sometimes is that if we had listened to our parents and came straight home instead of lingered… or if we had said “no” instead of nothing… or if we had walked away instead of giving them another chance… or if we were where we were supposed to be… then, we see the part that we played in opening a wider door to the evil that may have occurred in our life.  Everything is not your fault, BUT SOME THINGS WE WERE FLAT OUT WRONG IN.

With that now in your mind, I need you to understand the importance of confessing your faults and then moving on.  This step takes humility.  If you would allow God to show you where and to whom you need to confess your wrongs so that you may fully be healed, then I implore you to do so!

So, on the fourteenth day’s journey to #HealThySelf, your CHALLENGE is to:

– HUMBLE YOURSELF AND CONFESS YOUR FAULTS VERBALLY.  It may be unfair, but so is life.  Power of life and death is in the tongue so ACKNOWLEDGMENT and OWNERSHIP of your wrongs expressed verbally releases the chains of guilt and removes the stain of hidden shame.  Some of us need healing from secrets!  Unveil those hidden things to stop further infection.  It is time to confess so that you can truly be healed!

#HealThySelf Prayer for the Regretful

God, I ask for help in the secret places where I played a role in the very things that hurt me.  I need Your forgiveness and to be completely set free from this invisible bondage.  Show me what and to whom I need to confess these specific faults.  I regret not doing so earlier.  I bow down in humility during this step as it has been my pride and logic to prevent me from confessing before today.  Help me move past the feelings and shame of it and help me move forward toward the healing that You have for me.  The healing someone else may even be waiting on.  With my lips, let me be honest, forthright and repentant.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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