Day 16 of 21

#HealThySelf Challenge – Day 16


Now that we are in the homestretch of the challenge, it is important that you seek peace, pursue it wholeheartedly and walk in it from here on out.  To MAINTAIN a healthy self, you have to consistently be in a peaceful state.  I would like to offer you the peace of God that surpasses ALL understanding.

Step Sixteen: Make PEACE with it!

Dealing with all of the wretchedness over the last few days can cause the enemy to tempt you to stay in the past.  Yes, you had to deal with the past to heal from it.  BUT, your true healing comes once you walk away from the past.  Prayerfully, you’ve done the hard work and now you must make peace with the past.  It literally is what it is.  My dear…you MUST MOVE ON!

So, on the sixteenth day’s journey to #HealThySelf, your CHALLENGE is to:

– PEACE MUST BE #1 FROM HERE ON OUT!  Even though you have made considerable strides in your healing, you must be wise.  You are still human. Those scars will still be there and if pressed upon off guard will still hurt.  As you continue to go through life, you continue to be healed as long as you keep the peace of God when it comes to those old wounds and traumas.  Let nothing and no one take you “there”.  Maintain your healthy self by knowing your triggers.  Protect your peace at all costs.  Violators must have consequences.  You simply do not have to deal with any foolery; allow God to be Your Peace and know that you are healed.  Peace must be your priority… even over facts and feelings!

#HealThySelf Prayer for the Vulnerable

God, give me Your peace. Protect me from future attacks that want to reopen my pains.  Keep me in this state of wholeness and freedom in You.  Help me always to seek Your Peace and pursue it.  Thank You for being such a mighty and understanding God. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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