Day 17 of 21

#HealThySelf Challenge – Day 17


Listen, in order for you to maintain being your healthy self you will continually face truths.  You will not be able to run away from what God reveals to you and believe that you will remain in a healed state. Understand that on your healing journey that truths that you were not able to handle initially may later be shown to you. I implore you to not turn away from them, but face them head on.

Step Seventeen: Face it!

When I first wrote this, I had just gone through this exact step.  You should have been a fly on the wall as God brought back to my memory facts about certain traumatic events that I had unknowingly blocked years ago.  Rocking back and forth, holding myself and wanting to pop my eyes out of socket or simply shut down my memory movie theater as I relived very painful events from a higher point of view.  God honored my request to be healed and in order for me to fully receive it, He knew that there was information that I needed to know before I went forward.  He knew that after already being obedient to the other challenges in this campaign that I could actually handle what He had to share with me.  Honestly, I still cried.  I still had twinges of pain and the “wish I nevers”, BUT because I am serious about being healed I allowed God to show me the truth – no matter how ugly.

Truth is that the truth doesn’t hurt as much when you trust God with your feelings and life.  Let me tell you this though… YOU CANNOT RUN FROM THE TRUTH OR YOU WILL INEVITABLY BE RIGHT BACK WHERE YOU WERE BEFORE – hurt, depressed, numb, traumatized, etc.  It is a requirement to face truths as they are revealed along your life’s journey if you want to truly remain healed.

Look at it this way…a few years ago my mother went to the doctor for chronic headaches which were unusual for her.  Her doctors initially could not find the cause of them until they found a growth near her brain.  This tissue (though benign) had been silently growing near her ear for 7 years!  While seeking for healing from something else, the truth was revealed that something left unattended could potentially cause extreme harm to her total health and life.  It had already caused headaches and blurry vision.  The doctors moved that this growth must be removed immediately.  She underwent brain surgery.  Her doctor was a God-send and did an amazing job!  During her recovery, her neurologist decided to keep watch over that area to ensure that she was completely healed.  A year and half past and the growth came back, but since they were monitoring it they caught it earlier.  She underwent brain surgery again.  The second time they knew exactly what to look for as they had more information about the cause (the tissue).  Had she not followed her doctor’s advice and ignored the truth – though scary and undesired – she would have ended up with her life hanging in the balance and been exactly where she had been just a few years prior.

What is the point of this testimony?  It is that the truth may hurt and even be scary, but with the proper information at the right time you can avoid being in a worse state than you were before.  The scars that you’ve acquired from your wounds have to monitored in the same way.  Scar tissue that does not heal properly can potentially be very dangerous or even fatal.  The actual event may be over, but keep your emotional and spiritual health in God’s hands as you cannot always see whether you have fully healed or if there is danger lurking in the deep crevices of your life.  This may not be ideal, but the truths of whatever you have been through may be revealed at a later date so that you are not entangled in those same snares again.  You want your healing to stick!

So, on the seventeenth day’s journey to #HealThySelf, your CHALLENGE is to:

– FACE THE TRUTH AND DO NOT RUN FROM IT.  It will indeed make you free.  Continue to trust God with this thing.  Don’t fight the truth… embrace it and continue to be free.  Continue to be healed.

#HealThySelf Prayer for the Fighters 

God, help me to not fight when You show me the truth about those things, events and people that hurt me.  I trust You even when the truth truly hurts.  I want to be free in You.  Strengthen and keep me as I continue on this healing journey.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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