Day 18 of 21

#HealThySelf Challenge – Day 18


Let me tell you this… YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR HEALING!  I want to make this as concise as possible.  As you continue to live as your healthy self, you will need to have your boundaries in place in order to remain healed.  There must be non-negotiable lines that cannot be crossed. This is not optional, but a requirement!

Step Eighteen: Enforce the NEED!

This step is challenging for some people, BUT I am not lying to you when I tell you that if you do not demand that your lines be respected that you WILL end up exactly where you were before!  I feel like steps 17 and 18 must be the most important as they were both accidently erased and both had to be rewritten.  So, though I feel like I nailed it the first time let me be SUPER CLEAR the second time around…

THE ENEMY HATES YOU and for you to walk as God has called posses him off.  So, that enemy is ALWAYS looking for ways to trigger your past hurts and keep you or put you back in a state of depression, disappointment, shame, regret, anger, whatever to keep you from being a powerhouse and testimony of God’s healing power.  Get super serious about having non-negotiable lines that cannot be crossed by anyone for any reason!  Pay attention to your triggers.  Prepare to resucitate yourself emotionally and spiritually if you get attacked.  Properly place violators of your non-negotiables outside of your circle.  PAIN HURTS and there is NO REASON to allow ANYONE OR ANYTHING to return to the vomit that God already removed from you. I am serious!

Look at it this way… all humans need water in order to live.  Without proper hydration, you can die.  Somehow and some way we find ways to get the water we need even if it just through fruits, vegetables, other drinks or even ice.  But consider this… depending on who you are you have standards or a line that cannot be crossed in order for you to consume the water.  I feel secure in saying that most people will not drink sewer water.  Or drink water with feces floating in it.  Or drink water infused with tainted and diseased blood.  Doesn’t matter how thirsty you may get, some of you won’t even drink tap water from a faucet!  If you have non-negotiables to what type of water you will drink in order to survive, then why not apply the same principles for your emotional and spiritual growth?!  Am I making sense?

So, on the eighteenth day’s journey to #HealThySelf, your CHALLENGE is to:

– ENFORCE YOUR NEED TO HAVE YOUR NON-NEGOTIABLE BOUNDARIES HONORED AND RESPECTED.  Anyone that violates these lines on purpose repeatedly knows exactly what they are doing and do not want you to be healed.  I don’t care who they are nor where they are in life. YOU MUST PROTECT YOUR HEALING or you will definitely go back to a life of misery!

#HealThySelf Prayer for the Subservient

God, help me to be strong and stand boldly in this healing that You have given me.  I do not desire to be a doormat on purpose or accidentally.  Give me wisdom on how to set non-negotiables and be ferocious in protecting this gift of healing You provided to me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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