More Than Your Average Prayer life

The Prayer Priorities Program aims to deliver outstanding results in your personal prayer life in 3 key areas: accountability, awareness, and truth through community. This program is established and guided by the Holy Spirit and fortified in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Partners

Where two or three are gathered“… we help build and strengthen relationships with others to hold you accountable as you maintain a consistent, effective prayer life.

Prayer Journal

Structure brings purpose to your prayer life. Our template organizes your prayer journal in effort to increase your awareness when praying and to assist you in your prayer priorities.

Prayer Meetings

From virtual to in-person, our program collaborates with other ministries and likeminded individuals for corporate prayer. We do not forget to assemble with other believers as a means to minister God’s truth to the community.

I needed God to make miraculous moves to keep me from being homeless. You all prayed and He answered in LESS THAN 24 HOURS! Thank You, Jesus!

Prayer Praise Report – 10/20/2020

My marriage has been going through a lot in the last few years. My requests are many regarding it, but I am happy to report that for the FIRST time in years we had a moment of bonding that was full of love! Only God could do that!

Prayer Praise Report – 10/22/2020

Prayer Resources

Listen to this week’s Prayer Throne Room Song.

“Even If” by MercyMe

Prayer Requests

Do you have a prayer request?

Write your request below so that our prayer partners can make it a priority to pray for you.

Daily Dedications

Mondays – Prayer Watch

Tuesdays – Pray & Fast

Wednesdays – Prayer Meeting

Thursdays – Prayer Partner Day

Fridays – Prayer Fellowship

Saturdays – Prayer Walk / Drive

Sundays – Pray Around the Clock