7. Face Truth – Be YOUnique


Identity Awareness Month is all about you coming into your true identity in Christ. The Be YOUnique Challenge is a perfect opportunity to spend the next 12 days to know yourself and love yourself the way that God does so that you can BE the self that He created you to be.

The 7th Be YOUnique Challenge is to…


To follow up your celebration, now take a long in the mirror at yourself.  Look behind those eyes.  Stare at the shape of your face.  Really LOOK at yourself.  In order to be you, you must KNOW you!  Today, you will take a TRUE selfie…

ACTION: Face who you are!

Look into the mirror and face the truth of who you are today.  All of it… The good, the bad and the ugly.  

After you have completed today’s challenge and action, then I dare you to come back tomorrow for #8 of the Be YOUnique Challenge!


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