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How to set up your prayer journal

In everything you should operate in decency and in order. Prayer is no different. Our program encourages you to use a prayer journal on a daily basis.

In a notebook of your choice, write your thoughts and prayers at the same time every day (if you can).

What You’ll WRITE:

  • God says…
  • Today’s Process
  • God Answered
  • My Prayer Priorities Chain
  • My Thoughts and Prayer
Section HeadingDescription of Writing
“God says…”Write the Scripture, Song, Word, etc. that God gave you while praying
“Today’s Process”Write your thoughts and observations from today’s prayer process activity
(See Daily Dedications)
“God Answered”Write down your answered prayer requests
“My Prayer Priorities Chain”Write your list of prayer requests. You should have one for each day to add to your chain.
“My Thoughts and Prayer”Freely write any thoughts or your particular prayer for the day

Designed by
Djuana “Miss BJB” Ross
of Tru Talent Productions

The Prayer Priorities Program Journal is just a template for you to write in your notebook daily.

Or, feel free to download our printable worksheets.

For Prayer Priorities Request Chain: Write each prayer request on one-half of a chain link. Begin with one prayer request of someone else for the first day of the month; increase with each day…by end of month you should have 28/29/30/31. Intentionally intercede for each one. You may need to write details of the request in the “My Thoughts and Prayers” section.

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