#IAM 2022 Videos

#IAM 2022 Culmination Message

Watch the culmination message of Identity Awareness Month 2022!

#IAM 2022 Kickoff overview

Please watch the kickoff video for #IAM 2022.

ALSO… The video below entitled, “Transhumanism (Robotic Humans)” is perfect for the kickoff message for IAM 2022 and should be viewed immediately!

Identity Awareness is more important now than EVER before!!!!

Annual Commencement Address

Watch the 5th Annual Debunk The Punk Generation Commencement Address posted on Self-Discovery Day which was Monday, October 10th!

2022 #IAM Commencement Address: D.N.A. (Do Not Apologize)… Come Out From Among Them”

View past Debunk The Punk Generation Commencement Addresses below:

2021 #IAM Commencement Address: “Truth In Transparency”
2020 #IAM Commencement Address: “Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice”
2019 #IAM Commencement Address: “Adorned To Die”
2018 Inaugural #IAM Commencement Address: “Touch The Bubbles”


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