Miss BJB’s entire purpose for being is to speak, coach, and teach people to know, love and be their true identities in Christ.  It is with great excitement to present our 5th Annual Identity Awareness Month which is dedicated to the month of October.

celebrate Tru identity

To view our entire schedule of events, click below.

#IAM2022 activities


Watch and listen to the 5th annual Commencement Address from Miss BJB titled: “Do Not Apologize… Come Out From Among Them: Debunk the Punk Generation” – available on YouTube on October 10th.

Click on the date to read that day’s devotional.

Unapologetically Called Prayer #IAM 2022 Prayers

  1. Unapologetically Called Prayer
  2. Unapologetically Worthy Prayer
  3. Unapologetically Set Apart Prayer
  4. Unapologetically Unique Prayer

Join Miss BJB for each activity listed above for Identity Awareness Month!

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